The Only Woman at Gallipoli

Who was the only woman to step ashore in 1915? 
The new book by JOHN HOWELL tells the amazing story

In November 1915, a woman appeared amidst the fighting at Gallipoli. She laid a wreath on this grave and then disappeared. It was the grave of a hero - a man killed at the landings and awarded the Victoria Cross.                           There were two women who truly loved this man.                                                                                                                                 Was the visitor a dedicated nurse and hospital founder who saved the lives of thousands in a fifty-year career, a woman awarded medals by Britain, France and Turkey?

Or was it a famous explorer, fluent in Arabic and Persian, a friend of the famous including T.E. Lawrence and Winston Churchill and the only female delegate among thousands at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919? 

             Lilian Doughty-Wylie

       Lt-Colonel Charles Hotham               Montague Doughty-Wylie

                     Gertrude Bell